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PE Air Bubble Film Machine

Our PE air bubble film machine is composed of a extruder unit, air bubble forming device, perforation device, edge trimmed film collecting device, cutting device, winding device, and cabinet control system, etc.

As it name suggests, a PE air bubble film machine is mainly used for producing different types of air bubble films. Air bubble film, which is usually made of LDPE, features moisture proof, dustproof, anti-vibration and static prevention. They are widely used for packing electronics products, ceramic products, articles and glassware, and furniture, etc.
Air bubble film is available in 4 universal bubble diameters: φ6, φ10, φ20 and φ30 mm. Our PE air bubble film machine produced air bubble films can be made into pouches, mailing envelopes, and more.

1. This PE air bubble film machine is characterized by easy operation, stable performance, and long service life.
2. The structure of produced two-layer bubble film is one side flat and the other side with bubbles.
3. It is applicable for various kinds of materials, such as LDPE, LLDPE, and recycled PE.
4. Can make variety specifications of bubble films from ø 6- ø 32, by changing the roller.
5. Variable frequency speed drive can greatly reduce energy consumption.

Technical Parameters of PE Air Bubble Film Machine:

Type Screw diameter Film width Output Power Screw L/D
JDPE-2000 φ105mm 2000mm 80kg/h 90kw 28:1
JDPE-1500 φ85mm 1500mm 65kg/h 68kw 28:1
JDPE-1200 φ75mm 1200mm 50kg/h 58kw 28:1
JDPE-1000 φ65mm 1000mm 40kg/h 48kw 28:1
JDPE-650 φ55mm 650mm 25kg/h 30kw 28:1

Jianda Machinery Company is a professional PE air bubble film machine manufacturer in China. Since its inception, we have been learning advanced technology and importing advanced equipment from other countries. Through 28 years continuous effects, we have obtained ISO9001: 2000 certification. Our main products include blow film machines, bag making machines, drinking straw makings, film extruders, and air bubble film machines and so on. These plastic machines are designed with high quality stable performance and have been successfully exported to Northeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and North America and other countries and regions.
If you need these products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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