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Plastic Cup Thermoforming Production Line

    1. Plastic Sheet Extruder Designed based on national and international advanced technologies, our plastic sheet extruder integrated the functions of PP extruders, PE extruders and PS extruding machines. As a result, our plastic sheet extruder can be used for producing various plastic sheets, like PP, PE and PS sheets. These plastic sheets are regularly used to be made into packaging vessels, including drinking cups, ice-cream cups, jelly cups, and more.
    1. High Speed Plastic Sheet Extruder This high speed plastic sheet extruder is developed based on model JDSP-105 series, which has larger production capacity of 200kg-250kg/hour, it is mainly used to make PP, PS and PE plastic sheet. The plastic film extrusion machine adopts three roll calender for forming the plastic sheet. Rollers are perfect chromed and polished, the high hardness alloy screw and barrel are used to insure the production quality.
    1. PET Sheet Extrusion Machine Besides PP, PS plastic sheet are used for thermoforming purpose, the market is in great demand for PET sheet as well, which can be produced by thermoforming machine and vacuum forming machine, the finished product from PET looks very nice in high transparency. So in order to meet the customer's demand for various material, we have successfully made the new line of JD-800 PET sheet extrusion machine.
    1. 2 Layer Plastic Sheet ExtruderJDSP-660D series double layer plastic sheet extruder is designed based on traditional single layer plastic sheet extruding machines, and it also utilizes advanced production technologies from the world.
      JDSP-660D 2 layer plastic sheet extruder integrates the functions of PP sheet extruders, PE extruding machines, and PS extruders.
    1. Casting Plastic Sheet ExtruderDesigned based on advanced plastic-machinery production technologies, JDLYSP-105 series casting plastic sheet extruder can be used to produce PP plastic sheets, PE plastic sheets and PS sheets, and more.
      The thickness of finished cast sheet is 0.08-0.6mm. Low thickness sheet is widely used for vacuum forming, also for making stationery, etc.
    1. Plastic Thermoforming MachinePlastic thermoforming machine can be used as BOPS thermoforming machine and PET thermoforming machine to make BOPS, PET plastic sheets, etc. Produced plastic sheets can be used to produce a variety of plastic boxes, dishes, trays, bowls and lids, such as food boxes, cake boxes, fast-food boxes, supermarket trays, injection trays, oral liquids trays, etc.
    1. Plastic Cup and Tray Thermoforming Machine JD660B series plastic cup thermoforming machine and plastic tray thermoforming machine is applicable for producing various disposable plastic vessels, such as tea cups, milk cups, jelly cups, instant noodle bowls, etc. It can finish producing plastic cups and trays at one time, from sheet feeding, heating, stretching, forming and edge cutting. This plastic thermoforming machine is widely used for producing plastic containers made of PP, PE, PS and ABS.
    1. Plastic Thermoforming Machine Due to the customer demand of higher production capacity, we have developed the model JD680 on the basis of JD660B. This plastic thermoforming machine has the larger forming area of 680mm*300mm, the luxury model JD720 comes with the forming area of 720mm*350mm.
    1. Plastic MouldJD660B series plastic mould is applicable for making various specifications of cup moulds and tray moulds. The mould cavity is provided based on customers' sample size.
      JD660B plastic mould features high precision, long service life, energy saving, and environmental protection, etc.
    1. 3 Cube Meter Air CompressorJD 3.0 cube meter air compressor is a device to convert the mechanical energy produced by a prime mover (usually a motor) into gas pressure. It is also a pressure generating device to compress air.
      Our 3 cube meter air compressors are widely used in industries like steel, food, medicine, aspiration, diving, fire protection, equipment, printing, toys, chemicals, energy, metal ship and others.
    1. Plastic Cup Lip Trimming MachineJDJB-120 series plastic cup lip trimming machine is mainly used to make the raw plastic cup mouth which is flat or coarse to be smoother, more glossy and more safe and easy to use.
    1. GrinderJDG-800 grinder is used for crushing and recycling used plastic sheets, used plastic films and waste side slitters. The user can get crushed material with different diameters by changing the filter screen.