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    1. JDCPE/1000-90/60 High-Speed Stretch Film Extruder This range of high speed stretch film extruder is available with dual screws, and features low operation noise, stable running. The PLC controlled winding unit ensures simple and accurate performance. The dual-screw extruder is mainly made up of the extrusion, traction, leveling, edge trimming, and winding units. It also has finished roll automatic changing function.
    1. JDCPE-120/60*2-1000 Three Layer Stretch Film Co-Extruder This series of three layer stretch film co-extruder is designed to produce stretch film using raw materials such as LDPE and LLDPE. The film produced is widely used for packaging of building material, auto parts, hardware, etc. with 3 sets screws design, this plastic film extruder has characteristics such as low noise, and stable running.
    1. JDCPE-65X2 Stretch Film Extruder JDCPE-65×2 stretch film extruders are suitable for a variety of raw materials, such as PP, PE, PA, EVOH, EVA, and PC and so on. As a result, our stretch film extruders can be used to produce different types of cast films, like PA barrier, CPP and CPE. They can also be used for producing high barrier films containing EVOH, PA, etc.
    1. JDCPE/1000-80/60B Double-Layer Stretch Film Co-ExtruderOur double-layer stretch film co-extruder mainly consists of the extruder, traction unit, leveling unit, edge trimming unit, PLC controlled winding unit, and finished roll automatic changing unit. With dual-screw design, the equipment is low noise, and offers stable performance.
    1. 500mm Double Layer Stretch Film Extruder
    2. 500mm Double Layer Stretch Film ExtruderThis machine also can be used as either a LDPE film extruder or a LLDPE film extruder. As a result, JDCPE-60/45 automatic 2 layer stretch film extruder is applicable for producing LDPE or LLDPE stretch film for building material and hardware parts packaging. This film extruder adopts two screws. If want to produce stretch film with only one side adhesive, we need to feed different raw materials to two different hoppers.
    1. 500mm Single Layer Stretch Film Extruder
    2. 500mm Single Layer Stretch Film ExtruderJDCPE-60 film casting extruder is applicable for producing LDPE or LLDPE stretch film for building materials and hardware parts packaging. This is the latest multi-function film extruder. This machine adopts double screws. By feeding different types of raw materials to the two hoppers, we can produce stretch films with one side adhesive the other side normal.
    1. Along with the increase of usage amount of films which are made of CPE, PE, CPP, PO, PET and PA materials, waste films are becoming more and more. This has caused terrible environment pollution. In order to protect environment and meet customers' needs, we supply JDFS-60 film grinder to process waste films. Our film grinder is applicable for recycle of various waste films. They have been exported to Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, Nigeria, Sudan, South Africa; Mexico, Cuba and other countries.

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