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Along with the increase of usage amount of films which are made of CPE, PE, CPP, PO, PET and PA materials, waste films are becoming more and more. This has caused terrible environment pollution. In order to protect environment and meet customers' needs, we supply JDFS-60 film grinder to process waste films.

Our film grinder is applicable for recycle of various waste films. They have been exported to Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, Nigeria, Sudan, South Africa; Mexico, Cuba and other countries.

Features of JDFS-60 film grinder:
This plastic machine is characterized by good quality, stable performance, reasonable price, easy operation, and wide range of uses. It is very popular among packaging industries, and plastic processing equipment supplying industries.

Jianda Machinery Company is a professional film grinder manufacturer in China. The company is located in Ruian City, Zhejiang Province, near the East China Sea. This location provides us with convenient transportation, complete supporting facilities, convenient information access, and low labor cost, thus enabling us to greatly reduce our production cost as a result of our lower transportation cost for raw materials.

Our plastic-processing machinery includes not only film grinders, but also film extruders, blow film machines, drinking straw making machines, and air bubble film machines, etc. These plastic machines not only have advantages of stable performance, simple operation, high production efficiency, but also are provided at reasonable prices. Welcome to contact us.

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