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JDCPE/1000-90/60 High-Speed Stretch Film Extruder

This range of high speed stretch film extruder is available with dual screws, and features low operation noise, stable running. The PLC controlled winding unit ensures simple and accurate performance.

The dual-screw extruder is mainly made up of the extrusion, traction, leveling, edge trimming, and winding units. It also has finished roll automatic changing function.

Our stretch film extruder typically adopts LDPE and LLDPE to produce stretch film. The produced film material is commonly used for packaging purpose in building material, auto parts, and hardware industries.

Technical Data

Item Parameters
Screw diameter Φ90mm & φ60mm
Length / Diameter ratio 33: 1
T-die width 1300 mm
Finished film width 1000mm
Finished film thickness 0.01-0.03mm
Output 150kg/h
Main motor power 55kw/22kw
Traction motor power 2.2 kw
Moving motor power 0.55 kw
Winding motor power 2.2kw
Air pressure 0.8mpa
Air consumption 3m3/min
Water consumption 0.5 m3/h
Rated heating power 66kw
Total power 110kw
Machine size 9200mm×2350mm×2400mm
Power supply 380 / 3 / 4 / 50
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