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Drinking Straw Making Machine


JDSM series drink straw making machine can be used for making drinking straws, ice cream sticks, and candy sticks as well. It is also appropriate to produce sprinkler pipes, cotton sticks, tooth sticks, toy pipes, industrial cast pipes, dropping tubes and other small diameter pipes made from PP material.

Features of JDSM Drinking Straw Making Machine:
JDSM series drink straw making machine is composed of an extruder unit, a vacuum calibration and cooling unit, traction unit, rotary cutting unit, and winding unit, and more.
Additionally, Monochromatic, dichromatic and tricolor straw extrusion machines are all available at Jianda Co.,.

Technical Parameter of JDSM Drink Straw Making Machine:

Model JDSM-M Monochromatic Straw Machine JDSM-D Dichromatic Straw Machine JDSM-T Tricolor Straw Machine
Screw dia. φ50 φ50 φ50
Main Screw L/D 25:1 25:1 25:1
Motor 7.5KW 7.5KW+0.75KW ×1 7.5KW+0.75KW ×2
Transducer 0.75KW×2 0.75KW×2 0.75KW×2
Extruding output 25-35kg 25-35kg 25-35kg
Product length ≥5mm ≥5mm ≥5mm
Product dia. 1.8mm-8mm 1.8mm-13mm 1.8mm-8mm 1.8mm-13mm 1.8mm-8mm 1.8mm-13mm
Weight(T) 0.9 1.0 1.2

Jianda Machinery Company is an experienced manufacturer and supplier of drink straw making machine in China. Since its inception, we have been learning and introducing the advanced international technologies and equipment. We have accumulated 28 years of produce experience and have obtained ISO9001: 2000 certification.
In addition to plastic pipe extrusion lines, we can also supply stretch film extruders, blow film machines, drink straw making machines, and so on. These plastic processing machines have features of good quality, stable performance and have been exported to Kuwait, Bangladesh, India, Russia, and Italy, among many other countries. If you are looking for this kind of machines, please contact us.

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