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Drink Straw Making Machine

A drink straw making machine is a unit of professional equipment to produce a variety of small diameter plastic pipes, like drinking straws, sprinkler pipes, cotton sticks, candy sticks, tooth sticks, ball point and water color pen refills and so on.

Jianda Machinery Company is an experienced manufacturer and supplier of drinking straw making machine, based in China. We can provide JDSM series drinking straw making machines and JDCY series automatic siphon making machines.

Ergonomically designed control elements enable our straw making machine to be easily operated, and as a result, our machine feature high production efficiency, steady application and convenient maintenance, etc.

In order to meet market demand, we also produce blow film machine, plastic bag making machine, air bubble film machine and so on. Our products are in good quality and widely used in packing industries for household appliances, furniture, and electronic products and so on. Welcome to choose our products.

    1. Drinking Straw Making Machine JDSM series drink straw making machine can be used for making drinking straws, ice cream sticks, and candy sticks as well. It is also appropriate to produce sprinkler pipes, cotton sticks, tooth sticks, toy pipes, industrial cast pipes, dropping tubes and other small diameter pipes made from PP material.
    1. Automatic Syphon Making Machine JDCY automatic syphon making machine, a kind of fully automatic dinking straw making machine, is primarily used for producing various flexible beverage straws. After manually fed the raw materials, our syphon making machines will automatically finish the entire production, from material-conveying to finished product collection.

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