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Double Layer Film Extruder
    1. 1000mm Double Layer Film Extruder 1. Nitrogen treated 38CRMOALA alloy is adopted to make screws and cylinders of our film extruders, thus ensuring a capacity of anti-corrosion and long service time, etc.
      2. Cycle water cooling device guarantees the best transparency of produced stretch films.
      3. Auto change-over and auto cutting devices are applied in the rewinding part.
    1. Double Layer Stretch Film Extruder 1. Its screws and cylinders feature high corrosion resistance and good durability, as a result of our adoption of nitrogen treated 38CRMOALA alloy.
      2. Finished stretch film feature high transparency as a result of our adoption of cycle water cooling device.
      3. Friction type rewinding device and edge-correction device guarantee good finished film quality.

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