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Double Layer Film Extruder

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

    1. 1000mm Double Layer Film ExtruderOur 1000mm double layer film extruder is applicable for producing LDPE or LLDPE stretch film for builidng materials and hardware parts packaging. This is the latest multi-function film extruder. This machine adopts double screws. By feeding different types of raw materials to the two hoppers, we can produce stretch films with one side adhesive the other side normal.
    1. Double Layer Stretch Film ExtruderOur JDCPE-50×2 double layer stretch film extruder is applicable in producing LDPE or LLDPE stretch film for packing building materials and hardware parts. It combines the function of a LDPE film extruder and a LLDPE film extruder. As a multi-function stretch film extruding machine, it adopts two screws for production. If the raw materials in the two hoppers are of different types, we can produce stretch film with one side adhesive one side normal.

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