Plastic Cup Stacking Machine

Plastic Cup Stacking Machine

Plastic Cup Stacking Machine

In combination-use with JD-660B plastic cup thermoforming machines, our plastic cup stacking machine can have a higher production speed and can also help save a lot of labor force.

Technical Parameter of JDP-720 Plastic Cup Stacking Machine

Overall power 0.65KW
Capacity 20000pcs/h
Specification φ61-67mm H: 75-110mm
Dimension 4200mm×1100mm×1560mm
Weight 1.0T

Jianda Machinery Company is a professional plastic cup stacking machine manufacturer and supplier in China. In addition to plastic up stacking machines, we can also produce film extruders, blow film machines, air bubble film machines, and so on. Thanks to good quality and low price, these products are well accepted by both national and international customers. Currently, they have been exported to Iran, Russia, Libya, Venezuela and other countries.
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