Professional Plastic-Processing Machinery Manufacturer

Zhejiang Jianda Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a professional plastic-processing machinery manufacturer in China. Our primary products are film extruders, blow film machines, bag making machines, air bubble film machines, drinking straw making machines, and other plastic product making machines. Our machines are widely used in the appliance, furniture, electronic, and other plastic-packaging-related industries.

Rapid development of the economy, as well as the science and technology fields, has created a greater need for film extruders, blow-film machines, and others plastic product forming machines. We fill this need with a wide variety of products, including plastic-sheet extruders, plastic molds, drinking-straw-making machines, PE-air-bubble-film machines, etc. Since our inception, we have operated with the goal of producing products that are high quality, at a low cost.

Jianda Machinery Company was founded in 1983. Since then, we have grown substantially, now having an established system of management and production, from the acquisition of raw materials, through the final product delivery. We continually strive to improve and through unremitting efforts and large investments in manpower and materials, we are streamlined and able to deliver superior products, which have undergone rigorous quality control testing, to our customers, quickly and economically.

We are ISO9001: 2000 certified, and are fully capable of producing a complete line of film extruders, blow-film machines, air-bubble-film machines, drinking-straw-making machines, and a plastic-cup thermoforming-production line, among other products. Our products are well-received in all of China and Northeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and North America, etc.

    1. Air Bubble Film Machine The air bubble films produced by our bubble film machine have the following features, such as light weight, good elasticity, sound insulation, anti-vibration anti-wear performance. They are the best choice for packing electronic products...
    1. Film Extruder Cast film produced by our film extruders is characterized by excellent transparency, perfect glossy, uniform thickness and easy printing. They are suitable for packing foods, medicines, textiles, flowers and daily necessities...
    1. Plastic Cup and Tray Thermoforming Machine JD660B series plastic up thermoforming machine and plastic tray thermoforming machine is applicable for producing various disposable plastic vessels, such as tea cups, milk cups, jelly cups, instant noodle bowls, etc...
    1. Plastic Sheet Extruder Designed based on national and international advanced technologies, our plastic sheet extruder integrated the functions of PP extruders, PE extruders and PS extruding machines. As a result, our plastic sheet extruder...
    1. Casting Plastic Sheet Extruder Designed based on advanced plastic-machinery production technologies, JDLYSP-105 series casting plastic sheet extruder can be used to produce PP plastic sheets, PE plastic sheets and PS sheets, and more...

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